It is possible to upload your book directly to We currently support docx, a format that Microsoft Word uses natively, and most other word processors can export to.

In order for to understand how to parse your book, it needs to follow a few simple guidelines:

  1. Chapter titles should use the Heading 1 styling. 
  2. The file cannot be larger than 5MB.
  3. The book cannot contain images.
  4. The book title is derived directly from the name of the file that you upload. This is easy to change afterwards, so don't worry too much about this.

We have prepared a few samples below that you can use to format your own book:

  1. Microsoft Word docx file
  2. Google Docs document
  3. Scrivener 3 format file

How to upload

Once you've formatted your book and have it as a docx file, you:

  1. Click the upload button on the dashboard.

2. This will open a dialog which you can click and select your file in, or simply drag and drop your file to.

3. Once you've selected your file, we will start to process it. This can take up to 15 seconds, so don't click away immediately.

4. When the processing is completed, you will see how many chapters we have found. If this doesn't match your expectations, go back and check verify that the document is as clean as possible, with only chapter titles using the Header 1 style. It is also possible to remove chapters that you don't want to upload.

5. Click Upload
6. Done! Go ahead and edit your chapters, slip in your reader surveys and invite the actual readers :)

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