At times during or after your beta, you might want to share updates with your readers, e.g. to let them know of a change you made, or about a new cover that you're trying out. Book updates are one way to do this. 

Here's how you post a book update:

1. When you update the content

When you update the content and hit Save, you'll be prompted to let your readers know what you changed. If it's just a minor change, you can choose to proceed without posting an update, but if it's something worth mentioning, just highlight it here, and your readers will be pinged.

2. Whenever you feel like it

If you want to communicate something that's not bound to the content, e.g. a new cover or the release date for your book, you can do that under the Book > Updates section.

Your readers will get notified about the update as soon as you post it, and they'll be able to see it in their feed:

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